Dud munitions and unexploded ordnance are highly dangerous, do not approach or handle them. Remember the ‘ARMS' acronym:

  • Avoid the area
  • Record all relevant information
  • Mark the area to warn others
  • Seek assistance from the relevant authorities

ARMS poster UXO

Concerned by the way unexploded ordnance are handled in the ongoing Syrian conflict, the RRMA group has edited some posters, below. 

Cluster Poster Syria 1.1

Please feel free to download it (click here), print it, and distribute it where Syrians can see it. Spread the word: unexploded ordnance should not be approached or handled.

The information sheet below is intended for use by journalists, employees of NGOs and government organisations, and other interested parties. RRMA seeks to provide accurate data on the submunitions identified in Syria to date. Click here to download it.

Cluster Poster Syria Detail1.6-1

A new type of submunition have been identified in Syria. Please find the poster below with the relevant informations. You can also download it here.

SUBMUNITIONS Identified in Syria - II

More posters and flags are also available:

RRMA Poster UXO 1

RRMA UXO poster 2

RRMA UXO flags